PHILOSOPHY: An Artistic Costume Can Enhance Your Athletic Performance

A standout artistic costume can play an important role in an athlete’s performance—whether in artistic gymnastics, dance, figure skating or synchronized swimming.

Moving bodies require a unique approach to design and wearability, and we believe that any athletic performance will be enhanced by a costume that reflects the competitor’s unique style and personality, matches their theme and music, and fits comfortably.

Zoey Couture custom costumes are as unique as your passion for your sport. Each costume is a handcrafted work of art, combining imaginative design with bold metallic fabrics, lustrous embellishments and handpainted fabrics (if specified) to suit your routine, choreography and music.

Our costumes are unlike anything you’ll find in a catalogue. Each costume is designed and handcrafted in Vancouver with fabrics and embellishments selected specifically for you. We work with you to design and create a costume unlike any other you’ve ever worn. In fact, we guarantee that your costume will be the only one of its kind.